GCN's telecom services


Corporate Services
High-quality services

GCN offers complete portfolio of telecom services for corporate customer as banks, hotels, small offices, factories and etc.

The provided services are developed to fully meet customer's expanding needs. read more »


Wholesale Services
High-quality services

Wholesale Services are designed for telecom operators. The quality of the services offered is guaranteed by the high-tech solutions and the constantly improving quality of the national and international fiber-optic network. read more »

•  VLAN's and VPN's- Layer-2 corporate services -    more »
•  Layer 3, VPN's, Internet -  Layer-3 corporate services - more »
• Colocation    more »
• LIR management    more »
• System Integration   more »
• IPTV, VoD (Globalmedia)    more »

• Carrier National Traffic  more »
• Wholesale Internet Service    more »
• Wholesale Bulgarian Peering     more »
• Colocation     more »
• Network Maintenance   more »
• Lease of Fibers  more »
• Sales/Lease of Ducts  more »