gcn logoЯнуари 2010

GCN има ново лого

• Заедно с новите собственици на компанията, дойдоха и първите промени. Представяме ви, нашето ново корпоративно лого, подготвено от професионалисти - дизайнери.

Декември 2009

GCN с промяна в името

GCN would like to announce to its future and present customers and partners the new legal status of the company – since November 2009, GCN has been transformed from Global Communication Net SpSC (EAD) into Global Communication Net JSC (AD).

December 2009

GCN with a New Owner

Since October 2009, GCN has a new owner – Mr., Dimiter Angelov. When Mr. Angelov stepped in, he invested over 4 million lev in network development which includes an upgrade of the existing network up to Nx10 Gbps to all the regional cities across the country and also extending our backbone network coverage up to 3200 km.