GCN Fiber-Optic Backbone Ring
More than 3200 km OWN fiber network

Backbone Overview

• GCN has built 3200 km national fiber optic backbone ring with connections to Greece, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia.
• The backbone extends to several border-crossing points in order to provide an alternative to the Mediterranean submarine routes by attracting west-bound transit traffic to and from Greece and Turkey through Romania to the major hubs in Europe.
•The used fiber is 12 G.652 + 12 G.655 fibers according to possibility for provisioning of low-speed (up to 2.5 Gbps over Ethernet, 2.5Gbps SDH and 2.5 Gbps based DWDM) and high-speed (10 Gbps SDH and 10 Gbps based DWDM and high speed).
•The used fibers are OFS, Lucent, Draka Cable and the maximum fiber span has length less than 90 km;

• The network has a main ring and extensions;
• The network reaches with fibers Bulgarian borders with:
     •Romania (3 border interconnection points – Kardam, Ruse, Vidin);
     •Greece (2 border interconnection points – Kulata, Kapitan Petko Voevoda);
     •Turkey (1 border interconnection point – Kapitan Andreevo);
     •Macedonia (1 border interconnection point – Gjueshevo);

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