WHOLESALE SERVICES - Carrier National Traffic
Intercity MAN, Leased Lines, Data Transfer


Service Description

• Point to point SDH and Ethernet data transmission with flexible bit-rates between data centers in Bulgaria(known as Intercity MAN services and leased lines);
• Point to multi-point Ethernet data transmission for wholesale and corporate needs between data centers in Bulgaria;
• Local loop SDH and Ethernet data transmission including MAN services in the cities with GCN’s network;
• 2.5 G DWDM with SDH (STM-1, STM-16) and Ethernet point to point lines between Sofia and Haskovo, Haskovo and Dobrich and Sofia and Dobrich Up to 16x2.5 G lambdas);
• 2.5 G SDH ring with MS-SPRING service protection, which offers different kind of SDH based leased lines E1, E3, STM-1, STM-4;


• Start of 40x10G DWDM in Q2/2010 with possibility to data services (up to 10G) in 25 cities in Bulgaria with fiber path and GMPLS protection;
• Ethernet over DWDM and SDH transmission technologies:
    • SDH leased lines with variable interfaces and ports;
    • Layer-2 switching network built by CISCO, EXTREME and NORTEL 10G Ethernet switches in Core Switching Network;
    • Possibility for data traffic aggregation from 10 Mbps,100 Mbps,1Gbps up to 10 Gbps in GCN’s data centers and PoP’s;
    • Different kind of Ethernet ports covering variable speed and media;
    • MTU up to 9000 and Transparent LAN Services with Q in Q and VPLS;
    • Flexible rate-limiting and traffic prioritization via QoS mechanisms;
    • Point to multipoint Ethernet connections via Layer-2 common VLAN between several data centers;

Solution Diagram