WHOLESALE SERVICES - Sale/Lease of Duct, Lease of Fibers
Service Description

Sale/Lease of Duct

• More than 3200 km intercity and more than 1000 km metro infrastructure based on HDPE and PVC pipes;
• Leased infrastructure – ducts and pipes in the intercity and metro sections;
• Construction of new sections with national and regional coverage;
• Expected network coverage at Q3/2011 – 4000 km national / 2000 km metro duct and pipes infrastructure;

Lease of fiberspicture

• More than 3200 km own fiber network based on OFS, Draka and Lucent cables with G.652D and G.655 fibers across Bulgaria;
• Own fiber connectivity to Greece, Macedonia (FYROM), Turkey with multiple border crossing points.
• Maximum length of each fiber span not more than 90 km.
• Hi-Tech collocation data centers, used for regeneration points across the fiber network.
• Local loop in the biggest cities in Bulgaria, where GCN has own metro networks.
• Several alternative fiber routes between main points in each city.
• Possibility of G.652D and G.655 fibers in metro sections.