Internet, VPN

Layer 3 Services

• Internetworking routing with different routing polices regarding to customer needs.
• High level of reliability of corporate Internet.
• Multiservice routing and policing based on customer needs and Fast customer support by GCN.
• WEB based traffic monitoring system, for main QoS parameters of the service.
• End to end customer network solution with implementation and management of CPE’s.
• Backup and redundancy with usage of dynamic routing protocols.
• MPLS and VPLS services and multi network and application provisioning for customer needs.
• Special route policing and prioritization for critical applications.

Internet Access

picture GCN provides to its customers:

• Internet access with terrestrial routing;
• Internet access with combined routing;
•Access to national Internet networks and services.

GCN customers receives unlimited access, 100 % guaranteed speed, High Quality of service, High level network reliability and competitive prices.

GCN has private network connections to Frankfurt, Athens, Bucharest, Edirne. The company has partnership with more than 50 international ISP's via DE CIX.