Layer 2 Services

• Layer-2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection between customer’s offices.
• MPLS traffic engineering and multi-service provisioning regarding to customer network needs.
• Fiber-optic connection between GCN’s PoP and customer’s offices with possible MAN or wireless backup of main route.
• QoS management and dynamic rate-limit and traffic prioritization regarding to specific customer network.
• Improve the customer network security with implementation of firewalls and encryption of data channel.
• Possibility for system integration and design of boutique customer solution with provisioning of CPE’s and support of the network.

Solution Diagram


Service Description

The IP-VPN Data Transfer service offered (Data transfer by setting up Virtual private Networks), allows our corporate customers with branches already structured, to connect their offices in a “closed” (private) corporate network (Intranet).

There are one or more LAN networks in different cities connected into the VPN. This way the company’s employee’s are able to use all internal resources online, exchange e-mails, files, make video or regular phone calls. No matter what the employee’s position in the company is he will have access to all resources as if he is located in the central office.

Only members – users of the IP VPN have access to it. This service is offered over GCN’s fiber-optic network by setting up virtual connections (VLAN) between the customers end-points (ports). The provisioning level of this service is Level 2 which guarantees an very good quality of service and practically does not allow re-selling of protected capacities. The data transfer isimplemented by IP (Internet Protocol).For connecting the end-points “Point-to-Point” or “Star” topology is used. The interface used is Ethernet / Fast Ethernet. The speed varies from 64 Kbps to STM 16 (2,5 Gbps) depending on the customer’s needs.

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