About GCN
Company Information

Global Communication Net AD (GCN) is a fast developing telecom company. Having the opportunity to rely on its own 3200 km long fiber-optic network, we provide a link of the major cities in Bulgaria with the largest telecommunication centers worldwide.

GCN is planning to keep expanding and improving the quality and variety of the services offered, thus being able to provide innovative hi-tech solutions for each customers, enhancing its competitiveness and following the network expansion strategy (in and outside Bulgaria) outlined so far. We are also aiming at engaging more highly qualified and educated professionals in the company's activities.


The company was established in 2006 by a group of strategic investors which get into the telecom business aiming at transforming GCN into the biggest and most prosperous company in telecommunications. The number of staff initially employed was 35 located in offices in major cities across Bulgaria - Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Haskovo, SHumen. At the end of 2006 GCN obtains licenses by CRC, thus legalizing the services offered, i.e. leased lines, data transfer, Internet and Peering;

In 2007 GCN submitted the documents needed for a Voice license to be obtained. As far as the future plans of the company are concerned it should be pointed out that the number of staff in has increased to over 50 employees who can meet the customer's requirements and provide the necessary assistance.

GCN obtained individual license for provisioning of Telecommunication services via fixed network and for provisioning of fixed telephony. The newest license for fixed telephony is going to enhance GCN‘s competitiveness and the company is going to be one of the leaders on the telecommunication market in Bulgaria.

Since October 2009, GCN has a new owner – Mr., Dimiter Angelov. When Mr. Angelov stepped in, he invested over 4 million BGN in network development which includes an upgrade of the existing network up to Nx10 Gbps to all the regional cities across the country and also extending our backbone network coverage up to 2800 k