IPTV, VoD Services


Future Development

• GCN has own IPTV Headent with more than 150 programs and flexible program scheme.
• Digital connections to several Bulgarian and International televisions over SDH and IP.
• Possibility to build private IPTV program scheme for different operators and even private IPTV Headent locally or virtual Headent over the Internet.
• Possibility to trans-coding between MPEG-2 and H.264 and provisioning of low-quality TV via Internet.
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• Multicast based IPTV solution and Pay per View
• Fast switching between programs.
• Play on system and Info TV channel, 5 HDTV channels.
• Interactive television.
• Content management, on-line record and store of TV progras.

VoD Service (Video on Demand)

• The service allows users to select and watch/listen to video content on demand
• This service allow user to buy or select a movie or television program.
• GCN offers pay-per view rights to broadcasters on a non-exclusive basis.


Solution Diagram